A solemn voice in support of medical researchers

A comment on an earlier blog post I wrote indicated that:

there are only two types of people who defend vivisection. Those who profit from it, and those who don’t know enough about it.

This point of view lacks fundamental insight into to why so many support biomedical research involving animals. Their support comes from the heart, from compassion and from kindness. It comes from everyday people who have thought long and hard about the nature and consequences of animal research and have decided that it is the right and moral thing to do.

To make this point, I offer a human voice… In the fall of 2010, an animal rights extremist sent me razor blades and heinous threats to cut my throat in the mail. It became a national news story, again highlighting the abject cruelty of some in the anti-vivisection movement. During this time, I turned on my phone one evening to see that I had received a voice mail. Anticipating the worst – yet another cruel, rabid and profane threat from my opponents – I found something quite different. I have kept this communication private for long enough. Now, at the wishes of the caller, I am sharing it with the broader community to demonstrate that support for humane animal research is everywhere…. It comes not from greed or ignorance, but from love and a hope that no one should ever suffer the same loss as the caller.

VoiceofSupport (click on this link to listen to this .wav file)


  1. I am, and always will be, a supporter of your efforts, both in your lab and against those who would stop your work. It is people like you who give our loved ones longer and healthier lives after they are diagnosed with things like cancer or AIDS. Without you, there would be much more suffering in the world.

    Thank you. And thank all the other scientist out there who persue cures for people they don’t even know.

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