1. ANYTHING that feels good is addictive. Socioeconomic factors (environment), how one was raised, parental role models (or the lack of them) and other things like exposure with gangs and hoods, play key parts. Addiction can also be a good thing when channeled properly such as addiction to music, studying. Athletes are addicted to working out. Interesting to note there was a lot of research done with “feral children” (raised without much human interaction) they found out what is considered “civilized” is a learned behavior.

  2. We also have power of making choices. A person who becomes an alcoholic or dependent on drugs makes that initial conscience decision to give in to it – or avoid it. I have an addiction to food, and all of my siblings are obese, yet I chose not to get that way after I reached over the 200 pound mark. I said WHOOHA! NO MORE! I went vegan, shed 60 pounds and kept it off for years because I didn’t want to end up a big fat blimp. As I was dropping the weight, the cholesterol went to NORMAL, and my blood pressure dropped to NORMAL and even my chronic GERD (reflux problem) including sleep apnea magically went away and I was eventually taken off every single prescription I used to be on. But each and every meal I’m CONSCIENCE what I eat, weigh myself every week. It’s all about CHOICES. I also have alcoholics in the family – but I don’t want to live that way. So I never touch booze. I just don’t want to live like a disgusting pig. I mean there are other ways to escape such as getting addicted to music or keep one’s ass in school as there is a certain amount of “escape” focusing on surviving one’s next quiz or exam. Addiction is not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s about choices how one wants to apply their addiction.

  3. There are people who get addicted to sex as the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (which I have written to law makers they need to include a vice tax on all x-rated materials that to help pay off the deficit-it would be paid off in no time!) – now chimpanzees are promiscuous by nature so I tend to think it’s just a primate behavior. But again we have CHOICES. I mean there is so much AIDS and even antibiotic resistant gonorrhea one can choose to live like a pig and give in to sex and waste their money on porn, or save their money for a rainy day and keep their body clean. Now I can’t imagine someone so preoccupied with sex they spend tons of money on porn or acquiring sex – but that’s what chimpanzees do. So that’s a primate behavior. Sad I couldn’t find a Federal law maker to file a porn tax, including taxing any x-rated bars – ANYTHING to do with x-rated sex needs to be taxed. The only exception are condoms and birth control. Dildos, vibrators and all of that kind of stuff needs a sin tax to help the Federal and State economy.

    Humans can be beyond depraved. Even bestiality is rampant all over this Country (USA) and Denmark and Germany has bestiality brothels that people come from all over the world to have sex with dogs, or whatever else is on four legs. I tried for years to get a Federal law maker to ban bestiality in America but nobody will file it. It took THREE YEARS to get Florida to pass some kind of anti-bestiality law. Now this is too plain DISGUSTING that law makers are protecting deviant and sexually perverted lifestyles.


    “Beastforum” has a website that has personal ads in all 50 States with pages and pages of personal ads wanting to hook up with others for beast sex, orgies and to trade home made bestiality porn. I’ve reported it to local and state law enforcement and the website is still up and running. ADDICTION to sex. My own conclusion is that humans are primates like chimps as these primates are sexually promiscuous. But with other animals is a depravity beyond sickening.

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