Insecure bullies never like resistance

What do you call school-yard bullies who gets endless glee and pleasure from tormenting others but who run to the school teacher for protection when someone finally stands up and pushes back?

You might call them insecure, infantile, ignorant, sociopathic and cowardly.

You could also call them “Progress for Science“.

For literally years, these people have been marching in the streets in front of our homes. There is no limit to how hateful and arrogant they have been. They have called me a “cocksucking pervert” and “pedophile”. They have called people I love “hookers” and “fags”. They have never hesitated to pull out anti-gay and anti-Semite epithets. They have no decency at all. The following video was shot at my house in the fall of 2013. After rattling the gate to try to get in, they proceeded to shout for an hour in the street.

So, the fact that they now want sympathy because researchers shouted back for 45 min is ironic indeed.

Let’s recall the facts.

We didn’t come looking for them. They came to my colleague’s house looking to torment her. All we did is get in the way. They could have left at any time if they didn’t like the attention.

They have threatened, harassed and tormented people for years, and their victims weren’t just researchers. In the following clip, Progress for Science taunted the neighbor of a UCLA researcher who was afraid to remove her baby from her car while they were screaming. We didn’t take this video and post it online. They did – because they were proud of what they did. That’s how insane they really are.

They have openly stated their intention to make researchers as uncomfortable as possible. So, should we feel sorry that they were made to feel uncomfortable for a few minutes on a sunny afternoon? Not a chance.

And we welcome the opportunity to defend our colleagues and her neighbors again on February 15. Join us to stand up for reason and civility in Westwood.


  1. be that as it may a true retaliation would be if people took the names and addresses of such people and went to their houses and protested, showed that they are anti medicine developments and want to prevent for eg anti cancer meds from coming out and pushing individuals with cancer etc more towards death.

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