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Quick Summary. FBR have a petition to support Air France who continue to be one of the few airlines willing to transport primates for research. Please support them by signing the petition.

For several years animal rights activists have targeted the airlines which transport animals for medical, veterinary and scientific research. They have had a lot of success, with few companies willing to transport animals. In the words of Nature:

The pressures on primate researchers have taken many forms. In the United States, for example, commercial airlines have effectively ceased all primate shipments by air within the country, making it difficult for researchers to transport animals. Many airlines in Europe have taken similar steps, but Air France continues to provide service.

In March, China Southern Airlines announced it would cease transporting primates. This leaves Air France as one of the few international airlines that continue to transport animals.

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  1. As the previous IA TA LAPB secretary I confirm , the situation is critical
    Soon a country’s medical progress will be decided by fanatics, not you nor me.
    NHP must fly by air it is the fastest and most humane way of getting them to their destination. Do not let HSUS or BUAV decide our fate when it comes to animal research and saving lives of humans and animals.

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