HSUS: Huge Settlements from Ur Salary

Once upon a time,  you might have happily given your hard-earned money to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Maybe you did that so that they could pay for their upmarket Bel Air, California offices, throw fancy dress galas open to millionaires or perhaps even to produce endless TV commercials featuring C-list celebrities pining and whining for your money…

Or maybe you gave to them because you believed the line that they used most of the money to rescue and treat real animals in need.  Sucker!

Today, new news makes clear what you are actually donating to… Your donations will underwrite a multi-million dollar payout HSUS is making in order to settle a lawsuit that claims that they wrongfully spoke about the treatment of animals in a circus.


Who thinks that Pacelle and his cronies are paying many millions because they were wrongfully sued for telling the truth? 

Not those that monitor charities for good behavior and not me, either.

So, if paying of HSUS’s costs incurred during a propaganda campaign against legal and responsible animal owners is how you wish to spend your money: fine.  But do it with your eyes wide open.

Personally, I think supporting life saving research might be a better approach.  Consider just about any medical charity instead.  Your money will actually improve lives instead of being frittered away by HSUS.

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