Psychopathology in segments of the animal rights community

Last night, Camille Marino was once again arrested at her home in Florida. You will perhaps remember that, in recent months, she has been repeatedly arrested and incarcerated for violating a restraining order that prohibits her from contacting, threatening and harassing a researcher in Michigan. Despite this order, her behavior persisted and, indeed, escalated.

This time, the charge was the same, but the restraining order involved was surprisingly different. It seems her former friend and confidant – and fellow animal rights extremist – Professor Steve Best sought and obtained this restraining order, and when she defied it, he cooperated with the courts and the police to have her arrested. Note that the police and courts are often the sworn enemy of animal rights terrorists – at least until they need the help of the law themselves.

His filed request for the restraining order makes the facts clear enough. In describing Marino’s abusive behavior, he cites:

verbal, mental, emotional… Just the threats alone because I feel like it’s a fatal attraction thing and it’s getting real bad I fear her and what she will do, since she is known to do this and has serious charges against for it.

I’ve had the misfortune of being aware of Marino’s behavior over the last 3 yrs, and I must admit that it is long clear that there is a distinct pattern of psychopathology at work in her case. Her tendency to rapidly switch between idealizing and demonizing people (as she has done in the case of Dr. Best), her chaotic and unstable inter-personal relationships with other “activists”, her black-or-white thinking and irritability and the overall instability of her mood all point to borderline personality disorder (sometimes called emotionally unstable personality disorder).

Note, this is not the same thing as saying Marino is insane. The personality disorders are not recognized by psychologists and psychiatrists as in the same category as the clinical brain disorders like schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders. Instead, the personality disorders are disruptions of personality or behavior that are associated with distress or disability and that deviate from the norms of human society. Borderline personality disorder is linked with other personality disorders that share its features: antisocial personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder; one can see aspects of all of these so-called Cluster B disorders in Marino’s behavior. Her reported substance abuse problems are yet another common manifestation of her disorder.

These traits are not, of course, unique to Camille Marino. Rather, other visible animal rights extremists – from Jerry Vlasak to Peter Young to Rick Bogle – share many of these same tendencies and patterns of behavior.

The obvious question is: does this mitigate their responsibility for their criminal and uncivil behavior? I believe the answer is “no” for the following reasons.

First and foremost, there are many people who suffer from conditions like this that do not inflict harm and terror on others, certainly not to the degree that Marino does. Instead, many choose to take advantage of psychologists or psychiatrists to achieve good mental health. Marino has chosen a different path – to inflict her psychopathology on others.

And second, Marino is explicitly aware of the consequences of her behavior. She is not mentally incompetent or unable to defend herself. She knows that she is causing harm, and she takes pleasure in it. This is not insanity.

Marino is (to borrow a word from one of her emails to Best) “spiraling”, and it is likely that this spiral of destructive behaviors won’t stop until she or someone else gets seriously hurt. Unfortunately, there is a large number of people in the Negotiation is Over cabal who are working actively to enable Marino’s psychopathology, rather than to intervene to assist her in getting the psychological help she so obviously needs. They are each responsible for all the human damage done by her behavior, but it seems that they are unlikely to do anything but throw more fuel on the destructive emotional fire that rages inside of her.


Postscript: My statements here do not amount to a professional opinion. Formal diagnoses for psychological or psychiatric problems require a structured, personal interview between a patient and a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. The statements here are my personal opinions, only.


  1. Thanks for sharing this news David, it is interesting to see how that when confronted by the kind of harassment and threats of violence that he has been encouraging for years, and claiming is justified in defence of deaply help beliefs, Best turned quickly to the police. I also hope it’s true that Best has been suspended from teaching at UTEP (as Marino claimed on her blog), it’s about time they took action agianst him.

    In case anyone needs a reminder of how close Best and Marino were until very recently, here’s a post from the Speaking of Research blog late last year

  2. Having, unfortunately, had experience with Marino several years back myself I can unequivocally state that you’re assessment of her is dead on, if not much more polite than I would have stated. My phrase would rhyme with clucking huts, to paraphrase Black Adder. Of course. Marion doesn’t operate on her own, she has minions following her and they could be just as unbalanced and dangerous.

  3. I have long wondered why there has not been indepth research on the mentality and psychology of the more rabid radical animal rights advocates. It seems to me that the animal rights movement needs to be studied from several perspectives, including sociological and psychological, and the results widely publicized. This would help inform the general public about the movement. Perhaps some studies have been published already and I am not aware of them.

    1. If Marino was a rightist, or Christian extremist, she and cohorts would br studied without end. Animal rights people tend to be leftist, or liberal extremists. There fore, they get a pass, unless a crime is committed.

  4. And Mr Jentsch is just a typical sociopath who likes to torture animals. Mmm…give me Camille and other activists any day.

  5. Camille is is mentally ill and I think that all of her so called “supporters” that fund not just her drug habit but also her freedom from the cells whcih she was placed in. That money raised “could of gone to animals that needed it” She is going to cause serious harm unles she is sent down and yet again after her release she is ranting on again how she is going to shut the researchers down. Please do remember that these researchers have made a wide range of medicines that have helped to save thousands of lives. Please also remember that there is much alternatives to bio-chemical testing on animals. One has to remember this at all times.. This woman is going to kill the very science that has saved thousands of people and yet people support that, when there are none of these medications to hand if the world of research is stopped then we can blame her for the deaths of thousands of children

  6. David Jentsch, you and your supporters are criminally insane. All the people who agree with you, including Steve Best, are as fucked in the head as you are.
    I can’t wait till karma gets you and all vivisectors. Think of me laughing my ass off when you’re in excruciating pain, and/or about to die.

    Danielle Hawley

    1. Antisocial personality disorder symptoms may include:

      Disregard for right and wrong
      Persistent lying or deceit
      Recurring difficulties with the law
      Repeatedly violating the rights of others
      Intimidation of others
      Aggressive or violent behavior
      Lack of remorse about harming others
      Impulsive behavior
      Poor or abusive relationships
      Irresponsible work behavior

  7. Danielle Hawley, you are a fine one to talk, you eat the dead flesh of animals and yet you talk about screaming in pain. Take all the testing away on animals, then when there is an outbreak of serious illness what and who is going to treat it? who are going to treat the screaming children in pain ? the mother thats just given birth. Please also remember that ANIMAL MED’s are also tested on animals so that their own illness and pain can be cured so really you trying to stop one pain and illness and just inflict another on to someone elese?? are you serious. You people are are crazy.

  8. Why are the thousands if not millions of people that “die” from animal tested treatments and drugs always left out of these conversations?
    Could it be because these things are time and time again tested on the animals, no matter how “like humans” they some of these may be, there are still very critical differences and it still boils down to greed, torture and scientific fraud!
    Face it if you actually cured these diseases you would be out of a job and you don’t want that now do you ….
    Have a good Day!

  9. Karen, one of the problems with your statement is the implication that new drugs go directly from animal testing to manufacturing and sale to the public. You do know that the drugs are tested on humans in clinical trials AFTER the animal testing and BEFORE they’re approved for general use? So apparently all these “thousands if not millions, of people die despite being tested on humans first. You also fail to mention the millions that have benefited from new drugs. Treatments for cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, migraines, depression, etc…

    You also fail to understand that not all research is related to the pharmaceutical companies. What about all the basic research being conducted? And what about animal testing that has lead to cures for animals? Have you had your pets vaccinated for rabies? How do you suppose those were developed?

  10. Unfortunately she and many others have fallen prey to a cult propagated by the likes of Peter Singer who advocates the end of the human race in his work and recent article in the New York Times “Should this be the last generation?” This is a cult that promotes animals above humans out of some misguide belief that animals don’t eat other animals. Started by Singer and pushed by PeTA/HSUS these cult members actively seek out younger people because they can appeal to their love of animals. These new cult members are used to raise more money for PeTA and HSUS. How do you recognize a cult they always require you to not eat meat. Biology requires that humans eat meat to secure the ACTIVE form of VB12. Without this specific active VB12 along with other essential amino acids the human brain becomes irrational and overly emotional in response. This is the problem that all animal rights proponents ignore and their gross misrepresentation that you don’t need to eat meat is the biggest lie of all. The idea that (raw) veganism (or even vegetarianism) is your “natural” diet is not in accord with scientific evidence. The recent scientific information (post-1970) that confirms that apes eat animal foods as part of their natural diets is becoming more generally known. Additionally, the fact that our evolutionary diet indicates that humans are–and always have been–natural omnivores/faunivores only began receiving wide attention in the scientific journals in 1985, with first dissemination to the public at large (via a popular book) in 1988. The vegetarian movement was very small in the U.S. prior to 1970 and research was scant regarding its efficacy. Thus vegan gurus could populate the web with their so called cures by pushing a vegan diet. But this is no different than pushing drugs. It is only now that the potential long-term results of veganism are becoming clear. The vegan movement tries to divide the world into “us” (good vegans) vs. “them” (bad meat-eaters). There is much that is still being discovered about nutrition, and given that vegen diets are not the kind of diet that the human species evolved on, and knowing that there are dietary factors, particularly micronutrients, that don’t measure up on diets that significantly deviate from our natural one thus trying to force this diet on all human beings is terrorism. What we do know is that many needed elements necessary for good health are not extracted as efficiently from plant foods and especially by 1/3 of all human beings. The idea that some made up moral philosophy can trump biology is pure fiction fostered on the public by those making money either off books that make baseless claims or charity scams like HSUS and PeTA who could care less about animals and their mantra has always been better off dead. So yes, when you terrorize people in print or in real life you break the law. Your are not a rescuer of anything, but you are a contributor to the deaths of 12 million children who die each year from lack of high quality protein. You are the killer of the infants who die each year from enforced vegan diets. (Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas, Vegans from Atlanta, were convicted in 2007 and sentenced for murdering their son via veganism.) So much for animal rights, when you have zero respect for the most important “animal’s” rights–that of your own kid. Six-month-old Caleb Moorhead died from a vitamin B12 deficiency, caused by his mother’s strict vegan diet which was free of meat, dairy products and fish provided no VB12. He was being breastfed, but, since his mother was a strict vegan she had no VB12 in her breast milk. It isn’t all about protein being replaced by plant protein, it is what kind of protein, what micro nutrients are you missing and most of all no infant can consume enough plant material to get any ACTIVE VB12 as it does not exist in plants. B12 in plants is inactive and blocks the use and absorption of active B12 which only comes from meat.

    1. Why is it most people with iron deficiency anemia (which is an absorption problem) almost always strikes meat eaters. Your post is full of bullshit because vegan food is supplemented with B12. Plenty of it. Over 700,000 strokes and over a million heart attacks in America has to do with our KFC/McDonalds nation and the human body makes all the serum cholesterol it needs which is synthesized in the liver – taking in meat products only adds to it and most can’t excrete it hence our heart attack/stroke nation.

  11. The Animal Liberation Front’s movement is being clouded and dismembered by a criminally narcissistic lunatic that’s obsessed, depressed, lonely, emotionally scarred not to mention dug induced, yes I’m speaking of Camille Marino. However one must also remember Dr Steve Best from which he does not deserve to be decorated with this honourable qualification due to his aggression and threats made to those to gain information on laboratory scientists.
    Every liberation front unit to cell or lone operative needs to distance themselves away from these two individuals that are disturbing the movement, breeding violence within the ranks, and breaking the moral liberation ethics set out since founded. Funding is not needed to locate students as these graduates can be located quite easily online. Does one need to really take this step though? There are many ways to obtain information and bring down the vivisectionists without having to turn to threatening behaviour, bribing using public funding that should in reality go to the wildlife and imprisoned animals that need it to.
    Negotiation is over is clearly hashing the liberationist’s movements with students and scientists laughing at the movements cracks appearing. Groups should not be formed online “NIO” being one as its blatantly obvious your being watched, you Camille Marino we know use many accounts with one of them located as you have put it “in Pakistan”. The whole NIO movements are watched and then one wonders why people are turning, to arrested, investigated and dismissed from their posts.
    Mr Best you have ruined to the liberationists goals and agendas simply by opening your mouth. One would have thought that you would have been quieter when banned from the United Kingdom in 2005. We are fighting for animal liberation sadly all we view is “tittle tattle” and threats made. You also truly believe that your conversations are confidential when talking in “Facebook personal group message chat” little do you know that your all being watched.
    The liberation movement is a farce if it wishes to embrace with Negotiation is over. Abdul Haqq had a quest this quest is being portrayed now via others mainly you Camille Marino and Steve Best into a much more immature, petty squabbling, and irrational light. The tribute page to the liberationist’s movement must now remove all (NIO) links and concentrate wholly on the ALF’s movements and objections. There must be (NO) relationship between the two, as of this petty childlike attitude taken from the (NIO) founder which is under the influence of medication and narcotics yet wishes to be extremely hypocritical in “teaching others” on do’s and don’ts.
    Howard your commentary is nothing but verbal nonsense which has no scientific evidence or data to back your evidential fact finding up. The human brains neurological receptors under no circumstances are agitated causing irrational behaviour to be displayed within vegans to vegetarians B12 can be located within many foods and may I suggest that you research more on the understanding of food and its psychological effects on the brain within the vegan and vegetarian.
    Camille you have caused more harm to this movement that one could ever write upon this blog. You have betrayed your own supportive network along with others simply to keep your ego above all the rest which is now being consumed like quick sand. The rest of your paid buddies should also now stop think and take note of what others are debating. Why hide arguments for and debates if you’re not going to reach the base of the problem and why it started. This is not just about Steve Best this is about many things. I truly hope along with my comrades that you do not cause more harm to the liberation movement that see’s the enemy laughing within yours and ours face.
    Please remember that this war MUST be fought underground and not on top making everyone seen and heard. There is more than one way to take a vivisectionist and animal abuser down and it certainly is not in the way that you have shown recently.


    1. Dear ALF,

      You should read your own manifesto. The ALF is not a centralized movement. It has no leaders. It has no hierarchy. Thus, you cannot possibly be speaking for the ALF. At best you are an ALF wannabe. Do your homework.

    2. *Drama!*-ALF as in Animal Lunatic Front- Did you know the ALF is in the same leagues as abortion clinic bombers? And this “Abul Haque” or whatever this tattoo face Walter Bond jailbird wants to call himself – he is safely tucked away in Federal prison because he likes to play with matches far too much. He got his own ass burned, didn’t he…but if you can’t do the time – don’t do the crime. Because if one cannot control oneself – someone else WILL.

  12. Please refer to the “breaking of the ALF morals and ethics”

    This is not how the Liberation movement works or will it be tolerated. We ask now that all those involved with this sociopath to now remove embark on the ALF’s code of morals and plans. Rank up, head down, and fight this war how it should be.

    NIO – Leaders words below


    The image on this page is not a cute logo. It is my personal belief that if you are a sadistic animal torturer, that is all you deserve – a chalk outline. That’s my opinion, not a threat. It’s not even inciting anyone because, unless you read my words and run out and murder David Jenstch (sic) (an idea that amuses me immensely), I’m not responsible. If you have time to think about it and form your own conclusions, my words cease being the impetus. Eh, that used to be the law at least. Who knows? Who cares? We have a job to do and that’s all that matters…. NIO is no longer mincing words. This is war!… Nothing is off limits at NIO!

    If this wasn’t enough, she goes on:

    if there are no consequences, there is no threat. If you spill blood, your blood should be spilled as well…. Some of the more high profile pacifists have said that I am “violent” and “unbalanced”. I think they finally may be right about something!

    If I have my way, you’ll be praying to us for mercy!

  13. Dead wrong..I’ll take Camille over you any day..You give such an observation and then you hide your ass with a disclaimer..Coward..and a supporter of torture- you suck

      1. What is childish is your disclaimer after making such an observation of her mental health..-You suck I’m sure you’ve used that phrase before and you have no attention for detail (you didn’t even get my name right) I wonder how many other things as simple as that you don’t get right–Don’t bother making a reply I won’t answer-Zac

      2. I used to work for the Department of Corrections – believe me, those women’s prisons are far more brutal than the men’s prisons. Some of those women are ultra MEAN and BUTCH.

    1. David J (the author) and David B are different people. But I (David J) am not going to allow comments that merely insult and don’t make a particular point. You can vigorously disagree with me or another commenter. But a simple insult is going to be deleted.

  14. Why not delete all my comments then?..Why because your unfair..and u make observations that u can’t support..and then u put a disclaimer at the end..?

    1. It’s not a disclaimer. It’s a clarification of the difference between a personal opinion and psychological diagnosis. As a Professor of Psychology, I am differentiating between my personal opinion (stated here on my blog) and a professional opinion.

      If you want to object to disclaimers, I suggest you object to Marino who claims that her graphic descriptions of violence, harm and murder are just opinions and thoughts, not threats! There’s nothing more cowardly than that.

  15. Thank you for that….But David it’s a disclaimer your afraid of being sued? I can’t believe it has anything to do with your degree?

  16. Also David I am a law biding peaceful man..I believe in protest and changing laws and minds..I’m leaving you with that..again thank you for deleting “Nimrod”..I feel a little fairness in you..I’m hoping you won’t use animals anymore- i’m hoping science goes in the direction of human volunteers and I’m not implying we use inmates or mentally challenged people..I’m talking about someone that walks in on their own free will and agrees to be tested on..I’d rather see that direction with using the correct DNA than using a frightened poor defenseless animal that can love show awareness..have families and see’s the same world thru it’s eye’s..Just a plea to you David ..Thank you

    1. Zac,

      I’ll apologize for calling you a nimrod, I’m merely passionate about this field. To address you comment about human volunteers, it seems you’re not clear about the process. New drugs ARE tested on human volunteers after they are deemed safe during animal trials. New drugs do not go directly from the animal testing stage to the shelf of your drug store. Some diseases are so rare that finding enough people with them to try testing just isn’t practical. Some research is basic science where scientists are trying to discover how certain things in our body operate. I know a lot of scientist doing work on specific receptors or proteins or cells. There is still much about how the body works that we don’t know. Some research is being conducted to target new chemotherapy treatments that will target only the cancerous cells and not the healthy ones as well. A worthwhile goal i believe.

      Finally, it’s not the animal rights activist of this world that are funding or working with researchers to find alternatives. It’s the researchers themselves that continue to look for better ways to conduct their research. Animal research is expensive and if a researcher can find a way to do his work without using animal models all the better. But currently the alternatives are limited in applicability. I’m sure the research community would be grateful to PeTA or HSUS for a large donation to help fund research into animal model alternative. I won’t hold my breath waiting though.

  17. David Jentsch the liberationists have been fighting this war now for decades and unfortunately the street walking, psychopathic harasser is going to carry on making threats to eventually carrying them out. We do not agree with the usage of animals in experimentations but knowing and understanding and becoming more aware of how organisations have brain washed individuals into believing that all animals are routinely dissected to bio-chemically researched on has now turned these organisations leaders and supporters into uneducated and dangerous American criminal citizens that I am disgusted about. Common knowledge has proved now that 95% of animals that are researched on are that of rodents, along the scientific world moving forward in to using now other alternatives again this the average activist is not supplementing within their aggressive newsfeeds to verbal and physical threats online. Ms Marino now needs to take responsibility for what she has carried out breaking every code of the liberationists hand book. There must be NO violence into achieving the adjectives that we are fighting for and yourself to into making this world a much safer and healthier place. All vegans and vegetarians you must remember that when you preach look around you at what your living in and how your transport yourself to and from A to B. How many of you smoke? Use medications? Drive automobiles? The NIO movement is over and we will ensure that it’s crushed to. To all those in the NIO group should you wish to follow a violent and warped dictator then prepare to accept your wrong doings if your caught using violence to fight science and aggression against innocent people not even related to the researchers.
    You’re supporting a hypocritical narcissist that has yet again today violated others by dictating violence onto her Facebook page, one that is also a liar claiming that she or her criminal rent a friend never went near the location of the Yale complex or entered it. Proof states otherwise along with that proof there is also neighbours that have informed us of “aggression” used to take them pictures. The ALF’s morals have been breached and she must be held accountable for her damaging nature of destruction upon others. Remember that whatever you say or do from now, as you will never know who YOUR friendly non-violent enemy is that can crush the violent dictators. Please focus your anger and more on helping the scientists find alternative solutions, instead of fighting a governmental institution that you will lose against. For every dollar you give and word you waste fighting for these criminal beliefs then remember that other animals are perishing at the hands of mass murderers in other countries

  18. I have known Camille Marino now for roughly two years. She used to be a good acquaintance of mine and confidant however what she has become is just utterly out of context losing control and reality with her own world and life.
    I do believe that her psychiatrist diagnosed her with a form of manic depression which was so severe at times she didn’t know right from wrong, or who was against her and who was trying to help her. She became so uncontrollable at times that she would lash out and attack anyone within seating distance of her 😥 We used to smoke occasionally weed at times but she then moved to crystal methamphetamines which then I just said no and left her to her own demise. I didn’t want to end up cloudy eyed with that or in the prison house.
    Camille please get help or you’re going to end up within a psychiatric hospital taking more of the medicines your on already. Lithium, Clozaril and that damn Prozac crap that turned you insane. Are you on that again as your character has changed within the last three years? Camille listen to me now stop taking these medicines and seek counselling for the abuse that you suffered as a child. You know who I am, as only I know these details about you. I am in tears woman writing this as I have betrayed you.
    Please take the help they are offering, or you will end up six feet under and I don’t want to see that from a good friend. 😥

  19. Laurella Desborough (11:15:24) :

    >I have long wondered why there has not been indepth research on the >mentality and psychology of the more rabid radical animal rights advocates.

    I have also thought an in depth psychological study needed to be done. Or even better the psychiatric community needs to be involved. I’ve even suggested it to a phycologyst as well as a phyciatrist to see if we could better understand how to deal with them.

    I’ve had what I feel as extensive contact, with a group of about 60 or 70 animal rights people over the course of the last 9 years and I’ve found them to have common issues with life and usually the same idiosyncrasies. Most of them are obsessive rescuers to the point of self-destructive behavior, prone to nervous breakdowns and overly emotional to the point that even the most intelligent of them can’t make decisions based on their intellect.

  20. I’ve never read so much mis information and fantasy all on one page before.. From Howard’s VB-12 to the “Snowman” to David’s “Laurella” post..I must say very entertaining but the Highlight came from “A friend” Lol (and I don’t hate anyone here including David J)..I just think your all lost or making money from vivisection…One thing is certain people are seeing the fraud in vivisection and the abuse of animals in those labs..I believe we’ll be able to change laws and regulations so these abuses that are documented will be addressed by state and government officials..I believe in the law and I also believe in changing laws.

  21. Zac I believe your commentary is nothing more than a terrorist trying to lick the ass of the founder of NIO. I personally disagree with your drivelling words to the point that the whole paragraph really is of no interest to the animal rights world or those defending themselves from the animal rights crusaders. In reality you sound more like a copious lick but. You obviously have not grasped the whole content of why this post is here nor have you understood a simple detailed paragraph. Laurella I do believe that your correct in every sense. Although I would of suggested that the founder of NIO the criminal narcissist, the psychopath and mentally deranged is actually viewed by professionally trained criminal forensic psychiatrists before she actually harms herself, a student, an innocent civilian or scientist that’s trying to locate cures for neurodegenerative diseases in infants to adolescents to adults suffering from mind boggling assortments of mental health illnesses which ARE NOT 90% of the times caused by eating MEAT (FACT). The fact stands at this. The NIO founder as she so states has criticized the works of many, she now wishes to crush the researchers that are trying their hardest to find cures for children adults and oddly ANIMALS. Should you wish to place a halt to this through criminal activities then you ARE THE ABSUER as no medical cures will be around, THEN the researchers and parents to public will coming to YOU for answers which you lack education and professionalism within this entire blog to the medical world. Send the NIO leader DOWN and keep her down. Those responsible for the Yale photography your time is coming.

  22. Negotiation is OVER for ALL those that wish to kill and Negotiation is over for Camille Marino I am in support of UF and always will be.

    1. @ Jake R ..Not only are you a coward ( for I use my real name)..But you lack knowledge too..”lick ass” very rude coming from someone that attacks my intelligence?..Also you fall right in line with doing what the teacher say’s..or what UF say’ mind of your since pre school.

  23. In response to certain posts and blogs, an attempt to clarify the position slightly –

    Camille Marino may be an easy target for the oppressors due to her own behaviour. By linking her and Steve Best as ‘partners in crime’ these oppressors may feel that they are on to a winner! The KEY being, to play the old squabble card, rather than the stalker card, for if they were squabbling rather than CM attacking and SB enduring (while everyone sits around and watches), then they are both equally immature and contemptible, unworthy of the mda tradition and both equally guilty in bringing it down or creating a huge crisis that pinches everyone.

    And for those who berate Dr. Best for contacting law enforcement in regard to stalking and threats to his life, bear this in mind: Unjust laws are there to be challenged; Laws that exist to protect the innocent, are there to be utilised!
    If people cannot discern the difference, maybe they should cease taking the medication (or commence taking it, as the case may be!)….

  24. All those within the NIO group and online groups ar just as out of control as she is. Like it has been quoted above, take the researchers away then we can all blame the animal rights groups when illness rates higher, economy plunges, more epidemics of illness kill more animals and humans. Tell me NIO supporters are you prepared to stop the cancer and drug rehab treatment that would higher suicide rates, higher death rates as cancers would not be cured, more animals would suffer in pain. There are other forms of research that as said above available that 95% of researchers use. We shall all Pro Test againt YOU when these animals and other humans die as you want to stop medicial testing yes?? just does not make sense. I do think to that Dr Best is nothing more than a wimp that should be fired form his post. He is as said I do think by Marino a drug user to. Taking pig hormones ??? WTF Glad I am out of that group

  25. Andrea, you show your utter ignorance. Go away and read a few articles then return to speak of all the wonderful “cures” that have emanated from animal research. Whilst about it, brush up on your punctuation and grammar.

    In regard to your last sentence “glad I am out of that group” – perhaps you should consider rejoining. There are many people just like you who have polluted it with their ignorance and blind disregard for facts – preferring instead to indulge in gossip – and listen to infiltrators. What a pity!

    The Animal Rights Movement will go from strength to strength. The current drama will soon be history. As will the vivisection community!

    1. Paranoid personality disorder

      People with paranoid personality disorder are highly suspicious of other people. As a result, people with this condition severely limit their social lives.

      They often feel that they are in danger, and look for evidence to support their suspicions. People with this disorder have trouble seeing that their distrustfulness is out of proportion to their environment.

      Common symptoms include:

      Concern that other people have hidden motives

      Expectation that they will be exploited by others

      Inability to work together with others

      Social isolation



    2. Anne Parkes — What did they teach you in Warwick? The fact is that the animal rights movement has gone nowhere since Victorian times. Not because of indifference by the public, but because of a false philosophical premise. The use of violence will not change that, but may land you, Camille and Steve in the same cell.

  26. I hate to break in on such a polarized discussion as they generally tend to be fruitless, but it’s kind of a fallacy to state: “Take all the testing away on animals, then when there is an outbreak of serious illness what and who is going to treat it? who are going to treat the screaming children in pain?” in order to justify all clinical animal research.

    Fact of the matter is many pharmaceutical companies still tend to skew results for positive outcomes.
    In the end this means we can not know what percentage of produced medicines actually work or how dangerous they even might be. So there is no way to be sure if taking the life of “an average” test-animal will result or has resulted in advancement of clinical research.

    So, this type of justification of animal use can never be morally sound as long as pharmaceutical research does not clean up its act and starts doing some serious science.

  27. Dabbe, It’s important to remember that not all animal research is related to the pharmaceutical companies, although that’s the impression that animal rights groups try to promote. There is a lot of animal research dedicated to what’s termed “Basic Research”. That’s the type where researcher are studying how the body works, how certain cells, genes, proteins, etc all work. But in order to study those things they need the animal models. Additionally it’s an easy target to point out drugs that have failed once introduced on the market, but far more are successful than not. All medications have side affects and so they won’t work for everyone. If you read the disclaimer on Tylenol you’d probably never take it again.

    In addition to drugs being produced for human use, animal research is also used to develop drugs for non-human animals, There’s a reason there are treatments for such problems as Heart Worm, Kennel Cough, respiratory infections, cancer, etc for our beloved pets.

    Whether pharmaceutical companies “skew” their results for positive outcomes is open to debate although I personally would agree with you. However, I know an awful lot of people who are better off today because of advances made through new drugs and procedures developed from animal models. I suspect you do too.

  28. David B.. Thank you for the apology and I apologize as well..First I am aware of the process of animal trials then human..But I disagree with it..There are plenty of people that would volunteer themselves not for free but for employment (now your working with the correct DNA) Also producing enough chemicals/drugs for these trials/test have to be made sooner or later anyway, if they decide to move to human trials..So I say eliminate the torture of defenseless animals and use willing participants -now everyone is happy..The money thing? these big pharm corps have the funds (no doubt there) So please tell me? what is wrong with this idea of just using humans to begin with?..and we all know a lot of this testing has been done before different labs different times on the same test..w/humans testing it would be better regulated, redundant testing would minimize..Why are we not going in this direction?..Please tell me?

  29. Another thing this may sound heartless but cures for drug abuse? smoking? area’s of this nature shouldn’t be explored (personal belief not going to get into it) Product testing? a lot of fraud going on in that field, at the expense of defenseless beings ? Cancer cures there is evidence of prevention from consumption (smoking is an excellent example) and again why not use terminal cancer patients (volunteers) more often for this research?..We could go back and fourth all day and disagree far as who needs therapy? I’ve got a feeling both sides of this movement could use it? David as u said your passionate about all this (me too) I don’t believe in breaking laws-but I do believe in protest/chg’n laws..Humans are the way to go..go in that direction then it’s free will..and who’s gonna protest Free Will?

      1. Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and
        are called medical research.”
        – George Bernard Shaw (playwright, Nobel 1925)

  30. I am appalled that Camille Marino has been given the air time to speak on Bob Lindens radio service Bob what the hell are you thinking of? Have you not been reading or following a single thing? You are in support of a woman and then first a man that both worked together to threaten my friends which some are vegans and vegetarians to. I cannot believe that I have just seen that advertised on the walls of the tacky NIO group that makes vicious threats, is fraudulently taking money, under the influence of narcotics and is mentally ill using “medicines” that she is against.
    Dear Mr Linden if you allow this speech to go ahead we will ensure a full and frank hand written complaint is sent to the radio and telecommunications council as to why you are allowing a terrorist that’s caused fear among children “yes Bob that’s correct CHILDREN” to go ahead.
    Absolutely, unbelievable, and bloody damn well out of line Annie or Ann Parks should you want to pick on people for their grammar and educate them on mistakes, then I think you need to take a good long hard look in the mirror you hypocritical bastard.

  31. Very well thought out comment Crys-tal! Haha!! Whilst agreeing that a woman in the throes of a very public meltdown should not be given airtime, I should point out that the NIO group per se is not guilty of all you accuse members of. Or do you mean that it is a certain person under the influence of ‘narcotics’ and not the entire group (which, by the way, I am not longer a member of)?

    The person causing friction amongst activists is NOT Dr. Best. You may have noticed that he has removed himself from the fray and has maintained integrity throughout.

    As for my being a hypocrite (or indeed a bastard), that is not the case. Once aware of certain issues, I addressed these issues and perpetrators of dissent very openly to, I might add, the point where my own life was threatened on two occasions.

    It would be interesting Crys-tal, to be acquainted with the “we” to whom you refer in your above comment. Although my guess is that certain little groups of people, or individuals for that matter, prefer to remain incognito. That is what I call cowardice – and hypocrisy!

  32. The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~ Alice Walker

  33. Animal activists often perpetuate animal cruelty. One such case–did you know just about every single thug and gang member owns pit bulls. Now most animal activists protect the rights of thugs and gang members to own and breed pit bulls-and they use them for dog fighting. It’s BECAUSE of animal activists that dog fighting is a nation wide epidemic. Try to get breed specific legislation passed in States MILLIONS of animal activists across the *nation* will scream bloody murder and flood law makers’ phones so – the gangs, Drug Cartel and thugs are cheering away as they protect their right to breed as many pit bulls as they like and they ARE used in dog fighting ventures where illegal drugs and weapons are networked. Animal activists ****HARM**** animals more than help them. I know this to be a fact because Breed Specific Legislation was filed three years in a row in Florida and millions of animal activist wackos flooded law makers they threw the bills out. Gangs and thugs win – thanks to animal activists. Oh well.

    1. The vast majority of pit bulls are beloved family members. If a pit or any other dog wrongly attacks a human being put it down. I say unjustly because if someone comes into a home uninvited or into a fenced back yard uninvited — they will get what they well deserve.

  34. You all think monkeys live in paradise in the wild? Have you all ever taken any biology/zoology classes before? It’s actually quite brutal. Monkeys are the best test subjects as their DNA is closer to that of a human than any other animal. See for yourself how brutal primates live in the wild. Here a baboon is eating a baby gazelle…chowing down while the baby is alive. Young gazelles actually form a substantial part of a baboon’s diet. WARNING: Warning: The footage in this video is not suitable for sensitive or young viewers.

    1. I was aware of this, most predators have no problem with chowing down on their prey before it is dead.

  35. Chimpanzees are one of the most violent animals on this planet in the wild. They will not hesitate to stalk, kill – and EAT their own kind. So no I have no problem with monkeys and apes used in research. Cannibalism is pretty typical among wild chimpanzees.

  36. There are obvious ironies/hypocrisies on display in the situation, but what’s the point of dragging borderline personality disorder into things? If, as you say, “there are many people who suffer from conditions like this that do not inflict harm and terror on others”, why go out of your way to create the association?

    As you are no doubt aware, stigma is a problem for people with mental illnesses, ESPECIALLY those with borderline personality disorder:

    The purpose of this post is to take advantage of that stigma, which provides a reason to use language like “psychopathology”, “antisocial”, “narcissistic”, “deviate from the norms of human society”, etc. Yes, all the standard disclaimers are included, but the idea that people with borderline personality disorder are REALLY BAD comes through pretty clearly. You go on to write that the presence of any such mental disorder has no bearing on personal responsibility, etc. Again, what’s the point of bringing it up, then?

    In general, people with borderline personality disorder often DO get treated differently by medical professionals, and it DOES make your life worse having everybody around you freak out because you cut yourself, always having to cover your arms, etc. I’m married to someone who’s been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, against the advice of others, and she’s more reasonable and considerate than most “normal” people I can think of. My daily life is not some kind of super dramatic caricature, and she’s not in therapy or taking any medication. The things “crazy” people are upset about are often more real than it’s socially acceptable to say out loud. Futility does exist, some people will die alone, etc.

    The person in the thread claiming to know Camille Marino personally says that she has issues with bipolar disorder and methamphetamines. In theory, your research is aimed at helping people with meth problems, like Camille Marino.

    If I could make a suggestion, it would be that people take a break from the usual battle of the crazy people vs. the Nazis and do something nice instead of arguing about the best way to help others by harming living things. These issues are likely to be moot in the not-so-distant future, given that the world is bankrupt, understanding it isn’t a priority of the people in charge of the money, and factory farming can’t persist when oil’s too expensive to run the machines, the honeybees are dead, and the corn crops fail because of global warming.

    It’s dishonest to say that we don’t learn anything useful or interesting by studying animals, and it’s dishonest to say that such studies are always performed for altruistic reasons that really justify the misery inflicted on the animals.

    We should all be ashamed of ourselves just for having a lifestyle that’s, you know, causing a mass extinction event, ruining life for people in poor countries, etc. Some people kill animals directly, and everybody else lives in a way that’s the worst thing that happened since a giant asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago.

    “Wouldn’t it suffice just to refer to decent people? It is true that they form a minority. And yet I see therein the very challenge to join the minority. For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become still worse unless each of us do his best.” —-Viktor Frankl

  37. MOST animal activists are genuinely good people-law abiding, and totally against breaking laws, and find the activities of NIO and ALF disgusting. Unfortunately there are some who are zealots attracted to extremist activities – that’s why there are laws intact. -I’m sorry you all are prone to be victims of such extremists – but please remember most animal activists are not this type. I am very very sorry you all are often victimized by zealots and extremists.

    1. “You all” again u imagine that we are some how victims? When really we’re just doing what your doing “Standing together”……But u and others are trying to put a psychological spin on it..while ignoring that we’re simply against violence toward animals

  38. Hans Bruber
    Annie whilst you believe that your safe in more or less the same way as the NIO terrorist cult leader I must quote to you all that you are neither safe nor your Facebook accounts and messaging service secure.
    Should you wish to stand side by side with a cult leader, terrorist, psychotically and mentally unbalanced waster that wishes to deceive the system, claiming funds for taxi fares, home shopping drugs to pharmaceuticals which are all researched on animals. Then in reality you’re no better than the low life’s in the NIO Facebook group page or site.
    Look at you all, your paranoid, obsessed, deluded, along with being brain washed. I viewed today more attacks from the criminally insane psychotic lunatic on a powerful well known, animal rights group that has fierce contacts. I have since been shown documentation on the cult leader that would be ruined if let out into the public domain. (We will wait until she is sent down). And brick by brick you’re all going to come tumbling down.
    You don’t even know who your friends are, your completely ruined.
    Yes Karen you quoted –
    “Please be aware of many new “suspect profiles” popping up every day! I believe it very possible these may be much more, than angry ARA’s and we all must be very aware! Please do not accept new FB friend requests just for the sake of accepting with hopes of a new comrade….. The reality is, you may be unknowingly, paving the way for an infiltrator, which in turn makes you the “weak link” even though you may feel 100% loyalty! Trust no one Suspect everyone”.
    Karen what nation do you reside in again? Who do you work for Karen? Shall I explain that to your leader with PROOF! You lying snitch. You have been licking the founder’s backside for how long now? And little did you know that when a state or when someone is under attack then law enforcement would have been onto you within days.
    I suggest Rachel (not Karen) that you sincerely look again, you see Rachel there is a force working with the policing services, with Best, with UF, that will ensure on crushing you, your supporters, and any other foreign body that wishes to support the NIO.
    NIO is going down the gutter hole, and when we have finished we are then going to come after Sea Shepherd just as planned, ensuring that Watson is captured, then we will take each and every one of you sadistic, punitive, and pathetic, narcissists down one by one.
    Your group!/groups/animalliberation/?fref=ts
    Your team!/smashHLS!/ghazal.tajalli!/ron.roberts.988!/angela.caparella (Camille Marino) if you seriously thought that we would not know this was your other Facebook account YOU THOUGHT VERY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!/monkeysfrien!/debra.young.3975!/bill.bobo.1 (Jesus – Camille please)!/mattnothing!/shutdownhls!/lesley.normington1!/ArtArchist!/wiindwalker
    You see people, the animal’s rights movement was working perfectly well, no one was seen and no one was heard. You have made the movement to loud though. You have ruined it and now there is a newer and by far stronger movement moving in that undertakes its work in accordance with the plans set.
    You’ve had you days of actions now it’s time for destructions sleep with one eye open? More two I would say.
    Hans Bruber

  39. Dear Mr. Hans Bruber –

    1) I am no longer a member of NIO, surprised that you are not aware of that with the plethora of knowledge at your disposal.

    2) Said knowledge is easily obtainable even by a third grader so you aren’t quite as impressive as you may think.. haha.

    3) “when we have finished” – who is the “we” to whom you refer?

    4) You are an idiot to mention NIO and Sea Shepherd in the same breath.

    5) I’m not quite sure why you refer to Steve Best… But rest assured Mr. Bruber that, from your comments, everyone will be aware that you know absolutely nothing of him!

    6) Nevertheless, I’m very happy for you, in that you have all this wonderful investigative work to carry out and keep you busy. Well done!! Pip Pip … Carry on regardless!!

    1. Annie.

      Although you are no longer a member of NIO, at one time you were one of Camille Marino’s most vocal supporters. In fact, didn’t you lead cyber actions against, and/or make harassing telephone calls to, her targets in California, Michigan, and Florida? If the answer is yes, then you might want to familiarize yourself with the following British laws:

      1) The Malicious Communications Act (1988)


      2) Protection from Harassment Act (1997)

      Click to access ukpga_19970040_en.pdf

      Your actions, taken on behalf of Camille Marino, have violated both of the above laws. If your former targets were to pursue legal charges against you, you could be facing fines and/or prison time just like Camille.

  40. “The reason why I am against animal research is because it doesn’t work, it has no scientific value and every good scientist knows that.”
    – Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., 1986, Head of the Licensing Board for the State of Illinios, paediatrician & gynaecologist for 30 years, medical columnist & best-selling author, recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine.

    “Since there is no way to defend the use of animal model systems in plain English or with scientific facts, they resort to double-talk in technical jargon…The virtue of animal model systems to those in hot pursuit of the federal dollars is that they can be used to prove anything – no matter how foolish, or false, or dangerous this might be. There is such a wide variation in the results of animal model systems that there is always some system which will ‘prove’ a point….The moral is that animal model systems not only kill animals, they also kill humans. There is no good factual evidence to show that the use of animals in cancer research has led to the prevention or cure of a single human cancer.”
    – Dr. D.J. Bross, Ph.D., 1982, former director of the largest cancer research institute in the world, the Sloan-Kettering Institute, then Director of Biostatics, Roswell Memorial Institute, Buffalo, NY.

    “Practically all animal experiments are untenable on a statistical scientific basis, for they possess no scientific validity or reliability. They merely perform an alibi for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby.”
    – Herbert Stiller, M.D. & Margot Stiller, M.D., 1976.

    “Like every member of my profession, I was brought up in the belief that almost every important fact in physiology had been obtained by vivisection and that many of our most valued means of saving life and diminishing suffering had resulted from experiments on the lower animals. I now know that nothing of the sort is true concerning the art of surgery: and not only do I not believe that vivisection has helped the surgeon one bit, but I know that it has often led him astray.”
    – Prof. Lawson Tait, M.D., 1899, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (F.R.C.S.), Edinburgh & England. Hailed as the most distinguished surgeon of his day, the originator of many of surgery’s modern techniques, and recipient of numerous awards for medical excellence.

    “Experiments have never been the means for discovery; and a survey of what has been attempted of late years in physiology will prove that the opening of living animals has done more to perpetuate error than to confirm the just views taken from the study of anatomy and natural motions.”
    – Sir Charles Bell, M.D., 1824, F.R.C.S., discoverer of “Bell’s Law” on motor and sensory nerves.

    “Atrocious medical experiments are being done on children, mostly physically and handicapped ones, and on aborted foetuses, given or sold to laboratories for experimental purposes. This is a logical development of the practice of vivisection. It is our urgent task to accelerate its inevitable downfall.”
    – Prof. Pietro Croce, M.D., 1988, internationally renowned researcher, former vivisector.

    “Vivisection is barbaric, useless, and a hindrance to scientific progress. I learned how to operate from other surgeons. It’s the only way, and every good surgeon knows that.”
    – Dr. Werner Hartinger, 1988, surgeon of thirty years, President of German League of Doctors Against Vivisection (GLDAV).

    “Normally, animal experiments not only fail to contribute to the safety of medications, but they even have the opposite effect.”
    – Prof. Dr. Kurt Fickentscher, 1980, of the Pharmacological Institute of the University of Bonn, Germany.

    “Experiments on animals lead inevitably to experiments on people…As if an animal experiment could ever predict the same result on a person. And as if an experiment on one human being could enable us to foresee the reactions of another human being, whose biology and metabolism are different, whose blood pressure is different, whose lifestyle and age and nourishment and sensitivity and genes and everything else are different…We recognise that each single organism, whether human or animal, has its very own reactions…Today’s orthodox medicine and suppressive surgery don’t understand the purpose of disease and therefore don’t know how to treat it. A real doctor’s experience derives from his natural intuition coupled with his observation at the sickbed, but never from invasive, violent experiments on people, and much less on animals. Instead of vital hygiene, which aims at preservation or reconstruction of health by natural means and shuns all use of degrading, destructive chemicals, today’s medical students are only taught to manipulate poisons and mutilate bodies. We demand that this be changed.”
    – Prof. Andre Passebecq, M.D., N.D., D.Psyc., 1989, Faculty of Medicine of Paris, then President of the International League of Doctors Against Vivisection (ILDAV).

    “Giving cancer to laboratory animals has not and will not help us to understand the disease or to treat those persons suffering from it.”
    – Dr. A. Sabin, 1986, developer of the oral polio vaccine.

    “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”
    – Linus Pauling, PhD, 1986, two time Nobel Prize Winner.

    “Not only are the studies themselves often lacking even face value, but they also drain badly needed funds away from patient care needs.”
    – Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., 1987, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Washington.

    “All our current knowledge of medicine and surgery derives from observations of man following especially the anatomical-clinical method introduced by Virchow: symptoms of the patient while alive and the alterations found in the dead body. These observations have led us to discover the connection between smoking and cancer, between diet and arteriosclerosis, between alcohol and cirrhosis, and so on. Even the RH factor was not discovered on the macasus rhesus. The observations of Banting and Best on diabetes, attributed to experiments on dogs, were already well-known. Every discovery derives from observations on humans, which are subsequently duplicated in animals, and whenever the findings happen to concur, their discovery is attributed to animal experimentation. Everything we know today in medicine derives from observations made on human beings. The ancient Romans and Greeks gained most of their knowledge from epidemiological studies of people. The same goes for surgery. Surgery can’t be learned on animals. Animals are anatomically completely different from man, their reactivity is completely different, their structure and resistance are completely different. In fact, exercises on animals are misleading. The surgeon who works a lot on animals loses the sensibility necessary for operating on humans.”
    – Prof. Bruno Fedi, M.D., 1986, Director of the City Hospital of Terni, Italy, anatomist, pathologist, specialist in urology, gynaecology and cancerology.

    “My own conviction is that the study of human physiology by way of experimenting on animals is the most grotesque and fantastic error ever committed in the whole range of human intellectual activity.”
    – Dr. G.F. Walker, 1933.

    “Why am I against vivisection? The most important reason is because it’s bad science, producing a lot of misleading and confusing data which pose hazards to human health. It’s also a waste of taxpayer’s dollars to take healthy animals and artificially and violently induce diseases in them that they normally wouldn’t get, or which occur in different form, when we already have the sick people who can be studied while they’re being treated.”
    – Dr. Roy Kupsinel, M.D., 1988, medical magazine editor, USA.

    “It is well known that animal effects are often totally different from the effects on people. This applies to substances in medical use as well as substances such as 245y and dioxin.”
    – A.L. Cowan, M.D., 1985, Acting Medical Officer of Health, New Plymouth, N. Z.

    “The growing opposition to vivisection is understandable both on ethical and biological counts. However, a certain scientistic culture says they serve to save human lives. But reality is quite the opposite. Let’s take the case of pesticides. These dangerous products, used in agriculture, are classified according to their acute toxicity, graduated with the Lethal Dose 50% tests on animals. This represents not only a useless sacrifice of animals, but it’s an alibi that enables the chemical industry to sell products which are classified as harmless or almost harmless, but are in reality very harmful in the long run, even if taken in small doses. Many pesticides classified as belonging to the fourth category, meaning they can be sold and used freely, have turned out to be carcinogenic or mutagenic or capable of harming the fetus. Also in this case, animal tests are not only ambiguous, but they serve to put on the market products of which any carcinogenic effect will be ascertained only when used by human beings – the real guinea-pigs of the multinationals. And yet there are laboratory tests that can be used, which are cheaper and quicker than animal tests; in vitro tests on cell cultures, which have been proving their worth for years already. But the interests of the chemical industries which foist on us new products in all fields may not be questioned.”
    – Prof. Gianni Tamino, 1987, biologist at Padua University, a Congressman in the Italian Parliament.

    “Animal model systems differ from their human counterparts. Conclusions drawn from animal research, when applied to human beings, are likely to delay progress, mislead, and do harm to the patient. Vivisection, or animal experimentation, should be abolished.”
    – Dr. Moneim Fadali, M.D., 1987, F.A.C.S., Diplomat American Board of Surgery and American Board of Thoracic Surgery, UCLA faculty, Royal College of Surgeons of Cardiology, Canada.

    “Experiments on animals do not only mean torture and death for the animals, they also mean the killing of people. Vivisection is a double-edged sword.”
    – Major R.F.E. Austin, M.D., 1927, Royal College of Surgeons, Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians.

    Cawadias (1953) has said that “The history of medicine has shown that, whenever medicine has strayed from clinical observation, the result has been chaos, stagnation and disaster.”
    (British Medical Journal, October 8 1955, p.867.)

  41. NIO should be ashmed, they know their leader is complete loon yet they still watch her thrown into the cells then pay all her debts of, off $10,000. How many times has she been in side? and you still give to her funds have you NOT learnt yet. HOW MANY ANIMALS NEED THAT MONEY ON THE IUCN AND CITES LIST? THOUSADS! You people make me sick that support a f****** waster that is losing every battle. How many organisations are out there trying to raise as many funds for endangered animals and all you do is GIVE IT TO THIS FU*&^%$£ TRAMP? everyone is trying to save everything, yet that money she recieved could of gone on animals. You people make me f*&^%$£” sick you attack anyone and everything, you have an answer for everything, but HEY lets keep watching her thrown into the cells and paying HER DEBTS “MARINO GET A DAMN JOB AND STOP LIVING OF THE GOVERNMENT” ffsssssss I cannot believe this, that could of gone to wildlife, and ANN PARKS WHILST YOUR RANTING YOUR DUMB ASS if you don’t support NIO then why check this page daily. You say you live the UK my ass do you, your in the USA. SO yeah mr damn investigative reporter I may be. YOU THOUGH need to grow the hell up.

  42. Alafair Robicheux just curious to, but what do have against NIO? All I see around Facebook is you in groups attacking NIO and others. Zac do you do not like being exposed? like your leader does to many people NOT related to the research world.

  43. Zac we are crazy, crazed in the head with idiots like you and your damn “loudness” In the nex 2 weeks we are going to publish every name, address and photo along with evidence “in brief” of attacks on everyone. We are going to show to you what SCARED is. You don’t concren us, half if not all are under narcotcis, drunk, or just dumb. But as you are what we call “street activists” placing real activists hence why there is not much movement on the ground then, I guess it’s time to expose the lot of you..

    You don’t need to watch this space you need to watch the World Wide Web.. Arrests are being made, we are coming for you, and we will finish you.

    Crazy? no educated yes.

  44. “First and foremost, there are many people who suffer from conditions like this that do not inflict harm and terror on others,”…..

    That’s the whole point of animal rights philosophy, that there are far more people (almost everyone in fact) who do NOT suffer (allegedly) from ‘conditions like this’ but who DO inflict harm and terror on others. That’s what we’re trying to stop.

    All those supposedly non-psychopathological people out there are actually the greatest inflictors of ‘harm and terror on others’ – their non-human victims. If you’re trying to address violence and terror’ address your remarks to all those ‘normal’ people out there.

  45. Few of them seem to have any reluctance to break a law, or disobey a law, that would prevent them from doing their damage, but they want laws to restrain the rest of humanity and force humanity to do as they wish. They have also demonstrated the power to act as if above the law, as in the attack on Edward Taub’s laboratories, and since then the HSUS and the SPCAs have become a power that can tell local law enforcement and judges what to do.

    A power like this must be disabled simply because it exists. The system of law and law enforcement that supposedly exists works far more reasonably if pressure groups, special interest groups, don’t help them find people to attack. This includes the wars on animal owners with the illegal searches and the war on some drugs where it is totally wrong to send a SWAT team into a family home. And every group that gets in the habit of doing this has gained more and more autonomy, working outside of a legal system that’s not much good for anything anymore.

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